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Benefits of Off-Site Membrane Cleaning At Falcon Water Tech:

Cleaning is more effective as there are maximum of 2 membranes per tube to be cleaned; thereby reducing downstream elements. This is much more efficient cleaning in comparison to 5-6 membranes per tube in normal CIP cleaning.

•Stage wise cleaning at site may not be feasible with the system design causing some of the membranes not to be cleaned effectively during CIP.

•In an operating system probing is done which is a tedious task. We can test and check each membrane individually for quality and discard if not useful or placed in correct position in the tube depending on the quality of water it produces.

•Offsite cleaning process is specifically designed to or near the manufacturer’s performance specification. It is more cost effective and helps conserve electrical energy. It reduces the need for chemical handling at the site.

•Reduces system downtime. (Falcon can provide used rental membranes while they clean the scaled membranes)

Specializing In Offsite Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning

Falcon Water Tech. LLC provides membrane cleaning services for 8-inch and 4-inch membranes. We are located in a state of the art facility in Tempe, Arizona. We have the capacity to clean these membranes with precise control of flow, temperature and pH according to membrane manufacturer specifications.